FDM International - Bratislava or Zlin - Modul 1

FDM International - Bratislava or Zlin - Modul 1

ÄrtzInnen, PhysiotherapeutInnen, OsteopathInnen
10.-12. 11. 2023 


  • basics of FDM 
  • principles of FDM diagnosis and treatment 
  • FDM treatment of knee, ankle and shoulder 
  • patient treatments "coram publico"


In all basic seminars, the handles are mutually learned and practiced between participants. Atually, Invited patients are treated immedeately by the lecturer, so that each participant can get an idea of ​​the effectiveness and treatment process itself.


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Datum, Uhrzeit 10.11.2023
Termin-Ende 12.11.2023
Einzelpreis € 480,00
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Ort Bratislava

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